EDTEC Academy
   Providing Hope to needy, orphans and vulnerable children in Africa through education, healthcare & nutritional support....

EDTEC School

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Our School (s):

The overarching vision of EDTEC is to give hope, and empower, children who are victims of poverty and HIV/AIDS by providing them with a quality, early childhood education. EDTEC schools are divided into two semi-autonomous units with School Management Committees (SMC's) for each school.

The rationale behind the school divided into two campuses is accessibility and creation of opportunities for vulnerable childrens to start schooling at an early age. EDTEC operated schools do use the same school uniform and both operates under the leadership of EDTEC Schools Board.

EDTEC Academy: 

Started in 2011 with 7 children and one teacher has grown and now has a total enrollment of 154 children in the ages of 2 up to 12 as at April 2013. The school is situated in the sub-urban town of Mbita and serving children mainly for the two slums of Uyoga and Kong'eche areas. The school building also serves as a meeting space for the local community providing a good platform for technology-enabled learning and resource access.

Hope School - Usare

The school founded in January 2011 with 12 children now enjoys an enrollment of 123 children. The school is an 'Oasis of Hope' in a sea of poverty and lack. The school established in a donated land measuring 8 acreas. is the first school of its kind that is purposefully established in a rural area with high poverty index and HIV/AIDS prevalence area currently serves 67 orphaned childrens. 50% of the students at Hope School are orphans who call the school “home;” a number of them are infected with HIV virus.

Hope School is not only about caring for disadvantaged and marginalized, it is about helping our students forge a better future for themselves and for their community.

The School agenda is to establish a centre of academic excellence by investing in human development and nurture leaders for the 21st century by using sustainable means. Our focus is helping our students develop the tools to anticipate and prepare for change in our dynamic world.