EDTEC Academy
   Providing Hope to needy, orphans and vulnerable children in Africa through education, healthcare & nutritional support....

EDTEC School

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EDTEC Business Center (ICT Hub) is a community technology & learning center, providing a wide range of services for children, youth and the general population on information access. The center currently offers:

  1. Typing, Printing, Scanning, E-mail/internet
  2. Computer Training, Tutoring, Book Lending
  3. Health and community mobilization

The Center is a safe place for residents to learn basic computer skills, develop friendships and participate in development. The center celebrates diversity, connects people and enriches lives within the community.

EDTEC has established a school garden with an aim of growing corps e.g. maize, beans, sourghum to be used in preparation of childrens meals at school when the farm is at full capacity and surplus to be sold.

Our aim is to establish a self-reliance school that solely generates funds to support operational costs without over-dependance on donations. We foresee a school that funds all her annual recurrent costs budget. We still need funds to fence the farm and install drip irrigation pipes.