EDTEC Academy
   Providing Hope to needy, orphans and vulnerable children in Africa through education, healthcare & nutritional support....

EDTEC School

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Our Staff:

EDTEC is a teamwork focussed on serving the hurting humanity through love, hope and compassion. We strive to make each child life, a healthy journey full of discovery. EDTEC service of 18 employees serving on voluntary basis with little or no allowance at all.

Our diverse staff includes professionals in basic education, technology, project development, finance and administration, customer care, and marketing and outreach. The common themes that unite our dynamic team are a desire to help others, the commitment to doing extraordinary work and the imagination to envision what's possible when compassion and technology unite. We're always looking for talented people to embrace these themes. If you are interested in joining us, please e-mail us for Volunteer Opportunities.

The work at EDTEC is majorly carried out by short and long-term volunteers.

National Volunteers

  • Hillary Ouma, is a volunteer in-charge of EDTEC Business Center (ICT Hub), he has streamlined operations at the ICT Hub and provides contextually relevant information to clients accessing services at the center.
  • Alice D. Aoko; she is an intern helping in Desktop Publishing Services at the EDTEC ICT Hub.
  • Julliance O. Oyuma; he is an intern at EDTEC Business Center and in charge of website development..
  • Victor  Ndiege: Volunteered at EDTEC in the June-December 2006 and helped in organization and hosting of Youth for Change (Y4C) Tournament at Mbita.

International Volunteers:

  • Dror Rimon & Tal Shapira (Israel), volunteered at EDTEC in December 2011 and are active supporters of EDTEC School.
  • Luc & Lise (France), volunteered at EDTEC in December 2010.
  • Nikolai & Thomas (Germany), volunteered at EDTEC in December 2009.
  • Meghan & Sammy (USA), volunteered at EDTEc in December 2008.
  • Joshua Back (USA), volunteered at EDTEC in 2008
  • Mireille & Stephanie (Canada), volunteered at EDTEC in December 2006 and helped in the organization of Youth for Change (Y4C) Tournament at Mbita.
  • Katie Thebeau (USA) volunteered at EDTEC in November 2006
  • Seamus Enright ( Ireland)  volunteered at EDTEC in November 2006
  • Diana Dice (USA); volunteered at EDTEC in May 2006
  • Clay Webster (USA), he served as a volunteer in 2006 and established a public library (Alice Webster Library) at EDTEC.

Kennedy E. Onyango, Kenyan citizen, aged 33 years, a global humanitarian award-winning social entrepreneur with over 13 years experience in social advocacy and community development. He is the founder and Director of EDTEC. He is a trained Content Designer and has provided technical oversight to EDTEC from it’s infancy.

Caleb Muga
He is an experienced and qualified teacher. He is the Principal of Hope School (rural campus).
Daniel Orwa, an experienced administrator with over 12 years work experience in school management. He is the principal of EDTEC Academy (town campus).